Learn how to add your Cloud Mail account to Microsoft Outlook (desktop app) to send and receive messages.


⛔   We recommend that you DO NOT use Outlook with Cloud Mail (click to learn more)

We recommend that you do not use Microsoft Outlook to access Cloud Mail. Outlook alters the folder structure of your mailbox and does not store sent, spam, and deleted messages in the correct folders, causing them to become inaccessible from any other mail client or device, and removing the messages from server backups.

If you use a Windows PC, we encourage you to access your mail using the Cloud Mail Web App. If you use a Mac, we encourage you to use the Mail app or Cloud Mail Web App, even if you have Outlook installed. We provide the following instructions as a courtesy to users who, due to extraordinary circumstances, elect to use Outlook in spite of these problems.

CohoCare Advisors do not have access to Windows or Outlook and therefore cannot provide any assistance with setting up or using Outlook. If you need assistance, you should contact Microsoft Support. If your mailbox has been damaged because you previously accessed it using Outlook, and you will never again use Outlook with the mailbox, CohoCare will offer a one-time support exception to assist you with repairing the damage to your mailbox’s folders.

Before you add your account

If you have never signed into the Cloud Mail Web App, you should sign in from a computer. First, follow the prompts to enable Password Self Reset. Next, setup an identity in your account and set your time zone.

Add your account with Outlook 2016 (Office 365)

Step 1

  1. Launch Outlook (assume no email accounts are configured yet).
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Check Let me set up my account manually
  4. Click Connect

HT1004 - Outlook 2016 - Step 1 of 8

Step 2

  1. Click IMAP

HT1004 - Outlook 2016 - Step 2 of 8

Step 3

  1. Enter secure.emailsrvr.com in both Server fields.
  2. Enter 993 for Incoming Port and 465 for Outgoing Port.
  3. Select SSL/TLS from both Encryption method droplists.

HT1004 - Outlook 2016 - Step 3 of 8

Step 4

  1. Enter your Cloud Mail account password.
  2. Click Connect.

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Step 5

  1. Uncheck Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too.
  2. Click Done.

HT1004 - Outlook 2016 - Step 5 of 8

Step 6

  1. Click File > Account Settings > Account Settings… .

HT1004 - Outlook 2016 - Step 6 of 8

Step 7

  1. Select the account (identified by your email address).
  2. Click Change… .

HT1004 - Outlook 2016 - Step 7 of 8

Step 8

  1. Enter INBOX (using uppercase letters) in Root folder path.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click Done and then Close (not shown here).

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Add your account with Outlook 2013

(These instructions are no longer maintained or updated)

Launch Outlook 2013.

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Step 2
Click Next.

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Step 3
Select Manual setup or additional server types.
Click Next.

HT1004 - Step 3 of 10

Step 4
Select POP or IMAP.
Click Next.

HT1004 - Step 4 of 10

Step 5
Your Name: (Your name)
Email Address: (Your email address)
Account Type: IMAP
Incoming mail server: secure.emailsrvr.com
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): secure.emailsrvr.com
User Name: (Your email address)
Password: (Your password)
 Remember password
Click More Settings.

HT1004 - Step 5 of 10

Step 6
On the General tab…
Mail Account: Cloud Mail
Organization: (Company name, optional)
Reply E-mail: (Leave blank)

HT1004 - Step 6 of 10

Step 7
On the Outgoing Server tab…
 My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication
 Use same settings as my incoming mail server

HT1004 - Step 7 of 10

Step 8
On the Advanced tab…
Incoming server (IMAP): 993
Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL
Outgoing server (SMTP): 465
Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL
 Purge items when switching folders while online
Click OK then click Next.

HT1004 - Step 8 of 10

Step 9
Outlook will test the settings by sending a test message.
If both tasks show Completed, click Close
If you see an error, verify the settings in steps 5-8.

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Step 10
To setup another Cloud Mail account, click Add another account…, otherwise click Finish.
You should now see your inbox and any messages it contains.

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