Our policy on bulk email is clear: Cloud Mail users may not send email of similar content to more than 50 recipients. Learn about appropriate alternatives for sending bulk mail.

Bulk email can hurt us, you, and other COHO customers

The Coho Cloud is a high-performance environment in which speed and reliability are critical. To maintain deliver reliable and fast email services, we do not allow our customers to engage in behaviors that could jeopardize the reputation of our mail servers. We strictly enforce our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to maintain our excellent reputation as a source of legitimate email. This good reputation helps to assure that messages sent from Cloud Mail is delivered promptly and reliably to recipients’ inboxes—not their spam folders.

One important way that we maintain the reputation and integrity of Cloud Mail servers is to restrict bulk email. In accordance with the Bulk Email Policy within our AUP, we actively prevent customers from sending email with similar content to more than 50 recipients—even if messages are not identical, sent in batches over time, or sent from multiple mailboxes or domains.

You are responsible for the “behavior” of all apps and devices from which you access your mail. If a device is compromised by malicious software (such as malware or a virus), it could use your Cloud Mail account to send bulk mail without your knowledge. Cloud Mail servers cannot distinguish between mail you send and mail sent by another source, using your account. In the event that an account is suspended in such an instance, you will need to provide evidence that you have scanned all devices from which you access your Cloud Mail account, before CohoCare can enable your account.

These tough restrictions are necessary to protect our Cloud Mail servers from being blacklisted by recipients’ mail systems or lists maintained by spam protection vendors. If servers are blacklisted, messages will be delayed, discarded, or delivered to recipients’ spam folders. Even a single spam message out of hundreds of legitimate messages can trigger blacklisting, and a blacklisted server will affect both the offending customer as well as other COHO customers. We have contingency plans in place to replace blacklisted nodes, but we must preserve our servers’ and The Coho Cloud’s reputation for always sending legitimate mail.

If you violate this Policy

We do not make compromises in regard to this Policy, because doing so would negatively affect all our customers. You can trust our active enforcement of the Policy to serve you with industry-leading deliverability of your legitimate email messages.

If you send substantially similar mail to more than 50 recipients, Cloud Mail servers will detect the AUP violation and automatically disable the offending mailbox. You will need to contact CohoCare for assistance. We reserve the right to suspend or close customer accounts (without warning or refund) in the event of multiple, repeat, or particularly egregious (in our sole determination) violations of the Policy.

This Policy does not prevent you from leveraging the marketing power of email

We understand that email is an essential marketing medium for your business (and ours) and we can help you make this tool work for you. Our Mail Stream product can help you deliver bulk mail in a responsible way that ensures you obtain permission from recipients and meet other requirements of the US CAN-SPAM Act. We can also suggest that you evaluate MailChimp as a vendor for email marketing campaigns.